How To Create WordPress Blog Just in 10 Minutes(step-by-step).

How To Create WordPress Blog Just in 10 Minutes(step-by-step).
How To Create WordPress Blog Just in 10 Minutes(step-by-step).

Written by leozarnish

May 10, 2021

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Are you want to create a WordPress blog and you have no idea how you can do this ohh, No problem here AM guide you step by step, plus we think create a blog through WordPress are super Awesome! Better nevertheless You can do this just in 10 minutes.

But simple as it to get started with a WordPress blog, knowing that what you have to need and still how you can do it.This is really important so without taking much time Let’s get started the guide line.

We’ll show you each single step you would like to require to begin a diary victimisation self-hosted WordPress. And we’ll have it off with a lot of screenshots and beginner-friendly directions.

How to create a blog,  what you’ll need
If you want to create a blog, moderate steps given below:

1) Sign up for web hosting (Bluehost
2) Pick a domain name for your blog.
3) Install free WordPress blog software.
4) Log in wordPress dashboard and write your first blog post.
5) Change your blog design by selecting amazing theme.
6) Install a couple of plugins for adding different functionalities.
We’re planning to cowl every of those steps thoroughly below, except for currently, what you wish to understand is that neither of those steps needs in-depth technical data. Yes, you actually will work out the way to established a blog on your own!

Once you set-up the WordPress, you’ll start writing blog, we’ll also show that how can do:
write your own post using WordPress default editor “Gutenberg“.
If you want to change design of your blog then install a “Theme“.
if you need add functionality to your blog using tools called “plugins

A quick note. This guide is not about using Instead, here show you how to create your own blog using self-hosted WordPress so that you’re in full control. This is our recommended approach. If you are not know what is the main differences between and WordPress you can more read about it.

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